Our Values

Jesus: Is our purpose

Our greatest desire is for Jesus to be glorified in all that we do as a church. We believe that when Jesus is lifted up all who hear will come to Him. He is the very reason and purpose of the existence of our church.

People: Are our reason

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever should believe in Him would have everlasting life." -Jn. 3:16 Yes, people are why we exist as a church. With great passion we desire people to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to know Him in a personal way.

Honor: is our calling

We believe that every life must be honored and that God established a heirarchy by which everybody can flow in and be blessed. We honor godly leadership in our church and our leadership honors the people they serve. And of course, Jesus is honored as Lord and King at Faith Builders.

Generosity: is our lifestyle

Being generous is not meant to be a one time "thing." Instead we believe that generosity is a lifestyle of giving our time, talent and treasure. Life is not meant to be hoarded, but to be given away and the more we give away, the more comes back to us. It's an honor to give to God who has so generously given to us His son.

Excellence: is our aim

We as a church, started with very little in 1999. All we had was what was in our hand, but we determined to do and be the very best with what we had. We continue to strive for excellence to this day. It's our aim in all we do

Serving: is who we are

Serving is a calling that every Believer possesses. We at Faith Builders believe that nobody should feel that they are above serving in some capacity. Nothing is too small. Oh except one thing, not serving is pretty small. 

Building faith: Is what we do

It has been the goal of our church from its inception to build faith in people's lives. Hence the name of our church (Faith Builders.) We believe in preaching and teaching the uncompromising, inherent truth of God's word, which builds the faith of all who hear. We are on a mission to "Build Faith, Share Faith."